Johnsen & Mona

Meny – Chicken

Bama – Potet

Tine – Dovre

Bama – Banan

Tine – Ysteriene

Visit Oslo The Lighthouse

Meny – Ost

Mills – Laksepålegg

Jacob´s selection

Jaga Jazzist – APEX


Bama – Avocado

Interflora – Vi binder mennesker sammen

Denja – Bønne & Linsesalat

Meny nightmare ost

Meny weekend biff


Dagbladet – Kongefamilen

Denja – Potetsalat

Meny – Jul

Johnsen & Mona


Johnsen & Mona are storytellers with a unique eye for the little imperfections and oddities of everyday life. They love people, miniatures, projectors and the world.


Their masters degree in Visual Communication from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO), comes through in a nerdy attention to detail and visual inventiveness, creating a rich universe of oddball short films, high end commissioned work and captivating music videos.


Together they have traveled the world to make films about all or nothing; German sausages, Italian assassins a new breeds of French Chicken. Sometimes they bring a cook.