Jakob Arevärn

Ford – Skiteam

IKEA – Live Smart

Västerbottenost – Nattmat

Norrmejerier – Erik « Fricky» Friman

Västerbottenost – Taco


Umeå Energi

EPA – Trailer (dokumentar)

Norrmejerier – Portrett Mattias Lindmark

Västerbottenost – Mac & Cheese

Kortfilm – Proletaren

Jakob Arevärn

A mixture of visual artistry and a genuine interest in real people gives Jakob two strong tools at hand to captivate the viewer.


Based in the Northen parts of Sweden, Jakob started his journey by directing music videos for bands and artists from around the world. He quickly got a name in the heavy metal industry. This was the start of his curious creativity, experimenting with different techniques, VFX, stop-motion and other ways to express himself visually.


With the eye fixed on directing more drama and fiction Jakob slowly progressed from music videos to commercial and documentary projects. Jakobs fiction and documentaries has competed in film festivals around the world and won awards for his passion for visual expression, and sharp, progressive storytelling.


When not behind the camera, Jakob will most likely be exploring his local forests, accompanied by his loyal dog Kerstin.


Jakob is exclusively represented in Norway by Oslo Assembly.