Eirik & Johannes

Hvite Gutter  – Trailer sesong 2

Hvite Gutter – Stjele drikke fra fattern

Hvite Gutter – Dagfylla

Hvite Gutter – Trailer sesong 1

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Since graduating from Westerdals, Eirik & Johannes have been working with the Gullruten-nominated TV-series Hvite Gutter, as creators, screenwriters and actors.


Hvite Gutter is one of most popular TV-shows amongst Norwegian youth, it´s being devoured by the hundred thousands, and clips of individual scenes are always circulating on social media feeds across the country.


Eirik & Johannes loves to turn everyday situations into the absurd and extreme. And they never hesitate to capture huge feelings in one, concentrated scene.


In comedy, as in commercials, major turning points are essential. Eirik & Johannes has through the production of 36 TV-episodes become masters of such and are now ready to take on the the world of advertising together with Oslo Assembly.