Birgit Solhaug

KMD – Planutdanning

BikBok – Her work – Amanda

Designers’ Saturday

Norad – Verdens viktigste mål

Arbeidstilsynet – Headphones

BikBok – Herself

BikBok – Her Work – Thea Elise

Trygg Trafikk – Bruk Hjelm

Norway Design – Anette Krogstad

Costume & HM for Care

Birgit Solhaug regi


Birgit studied film and photography at Napier University, in Edinburgh.


After spending years as still photographer, both in New York and Oslo, shooting advertising, documentary, portraits and fashion Birgit is now ready to direct films for Oslo Assembly.


Her latest films are for clients like H&M, Care, Meny, Norway Design and Trygg Trafikk.


Her visuals feel both contemporary, intimate and real. Birgit will be shooting documentary, content and advertising for Oslo Assembly.